How to Seduce a Girl and Get Her to Trust You

Before you start looking for the woman you want, you should have a clear idea of the type of woman you want in mind.

You can now specify some details that are more important to you, such as: she must be a good mother, a sexy blonde or a smart brunette, a housekeeper or a career woman… Don’t forget to include your desired age and relationship type.

If you are interested in more than two women, never, ever, ever talk to more of them online at the same time. Women can sense when you are not completely focused on them.

Now comes the difficult and crucial part: the approach: Don’t forget! The most important thing in online dating is to GET HER TO TRUST YOU!

If you chose a website that allows you to contact women via e-mail, your first e-mail is critical. Introduce yourself and mention something unique about HER (you should read her profile carefully for this).

Tell her where she can find your profile on the internet, and be direct in your request for an online chat (date).

When approaching her online, the very next thing you should say or do is introduce yourself after breaking the ice with an open question. Simply use your first name and wait for the woman you’re speaking with to offer you her name (if she is using a nickname in her profile). Take a breather. If she does not offer it, inquire as to her name. Then, and this is critical, use her name in the next sentence you write to her. Using her name works like magic to pique her interest.

Always look for ways to agree with her. When you first meet a woman, never disagree with her. One exception that always works is if she initiates a sexual conversation with you.

When I was talking with a woman online, she started telling me that she only wanted to see me in a towell, and I told her, “Hey.. don’t you think things are moving a little too fast in this relationship?” She admitted to me on our first date that she only came because I had impressed her with that line. Consider this:

Don’t talk for more than an hour or an hour and a half the first time, then pretend you have to go, but don’t forget to tell her you had a great time talking to her and never be shy about asking for her phone number. Be straightforward. You could say something like, “I have to go now.” But I’d love to hear your voice again someday. “May I contact you?” You will never get anywhere with a woman unless you have her phone number.

Do not call her the same day you spoke with her online; suspans can be healing at times.

Good luck, and be wise! She’ll set herself on fire just to get to know you better.

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